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TheWorkAlley's predecessor was an office furniture foundry without its own brand. It produces furniture as standardized as machines every day. After accumulating professional manufacturing technology for 5 years, we decided to create our own brand, so The WorkAlley was born. The WorkAlley means "work in the room". We have always believed that professional office furniture is not only needed in an office building. At home, you also need comfortable and professional office furniture to improve the quality of home office work so that you can also work at home, enjoy environmentally friendly, healthy and low-carbon home office life.
Advocating environmental protection, advocating low carbon, and focusing on work from home have also become our slogans. The WorkAlley pursues a leading modern home office environment. We are based on mid-to-high-end home office furniture, implement forward-looking design and excellent quality, and focus on applied efficacies and aesthetics. Similarly, we focus on the core values of our customers, improve their quality of life, and are committed to creating their own home office environment for each customer.
We have been pursuing the mode of combining furniture and ergonomic design. During the COVID-19 epidemic, we launched an ergonomically designed kneeling chairs, which has been strongly sought after by customers, allowing countless customers to experience the ergonomic design of furniture concepts, and they have also begun to pursue an office environment that combines functionality and aesthetics. This is the creed we hope to pass on to every customer.
Our product design meets the needs of social, economic and environmental sustainable development. We are committed to providing each customer with high-quality products at reasonable prices. Therefore, we have strict selection conditions for suppliers. Internal suppliers are carefully selected and reviewed by our team. External suppliers must undergo regular inspections and at the same time incorporate into our quality assurance system. At present, we have a team of suppliers from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Vietnam, Japan, etc. We also provide you with high-quality services, including a variety of credit card payment methods, ensuring local logistics timeliness, and a professional customer service team that operates 24/7.
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Address: 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ ,United Kingdom
Call Us: +44 07466660349